Bowling with Injuries

What to do to prevent bowling injuries:

    1.Learn correct technique from a knowledgeable pro

    2.Do warm up stretches and cool-down stretches before and after play to keep muscles flexible.

    3.Make sure your bowling ball grip fits properly. You should not have to squeeze to hold on to it.

    4.Use support devices for the wrist, elbow, or knee if necessary.

       I wear a neoprene sleeve on my elbow under my bandit to keep the elbow warm.

See expert Jeff Briggs’ bowling specific training program including stretches for bowlers.


Check your local pro shop.


Purchase these devices at The Feelgood Store.

Preventive Maintenance once you’ve suffered an injury:

    1.Do all the things above

    2.Ice the area after play for 10-15 minutes

       Ice Packs for home use:

       Take a 1 gallon freezer ziploc bag and fill with 1 part rubbing alcohol and 4 parts water. Fill 1/2 full and remove any excess air from bag. Double the freezer bag to prevent leakage and place in the freezer. When frozen a slush will be formed. Place on affected or injured area 10-15 minutes checking skin for excessive redness or white patches. Remove and replace in freezer.

    3.Apply magnets to injured areas

       I have experienced a reduction in pain by using the magnets pictured below.

    4.Take vitamin supplements

      I use a product called Power Maker that contains the amino acid arninine which I have found to increase strength and speed healing. You can purchased it at  Life Services.

      I also have used a bone/joint complex containing Glucosamine & Chondroitin. You can pick up this combination at a GNC or health food store.


Magnet dots to apply on specific areas. You can find these and the other magnets at the Feel Good Store.


Larger magnetic pads for areas such as the shoulder or back.


An attractive magnetic necklace for women.

If you have any questions concerning anything on this page e-mail me.


Disclaimer: Please seek the advice of a medical provider before beginning this or any other exercise or injury management technique.

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