August 12, 1998

Dear Mr. Falzone,

     Nine months ago I underwent orthoscopic surgery on my right shoulder to correct what the doctor called "impingement syndrome".  The surgery went well. But after 4 months of physical rehabilitation and 5 months of restructuring my bowling game to eliminate stress put on my elbow and shoulder, I came to realize that because of my injuries I could never recapture the expertise needed to compete as a professional bowler. It is important for me to turn the page and use my time and energy toward my computer graphics career. I'm officially announcing my retirement. Please notify the membership. Thank you for all your efforts in providing a  professional bowling tour where I could showcase my talents, fulfill my desire to compete, and travel across this beautiful country of ours. I will always hold my tour experiences close to my heart and draw on them for strength during future endeavors.



                                                                            Diana Teeters