Diana Teeters Now Discover Her Current Web presence

Diana Teeters is a new media artist exploring photographic art, motion art, and artistic video making through a spiritual lens. Now, her most eccentric past, present, and future images have a dedicated home on this site.

"I feel a renewed spiritual energy rise up in me as though my art is happening through me, and that is tremendously exciting!"

This is Diana's portfolio site where she displays her best nature photography.

Why nature? "It never stops amazing me, charming me, enchanting me, and inspiring me. It often leaves me breathless. Mother nature is my most excellent pacifier. I hope my work transports you to a delightful memory of nature that brings you peace and tranquility."

Explore Diana Teeters' photoblog that she started February 14, 2014. It was back then when she began her personal healing journey, and connected with her creative spirit, letting the art just happen. Diana started experimenting with different digital processes and created and shared her work openly with little or no self-judgment.

She still posts 3 to 4 "blooms" weekly.