Welcome! I知 Diana Teeters and this is my web site. I知 a former professional bowler. I built this site in 1998 while trying to comeback from shoulder and elbow injuries. The comeback attempt failed.  I threw my last ball down the lane during a summer scratch league, August 1998.

I致e decided to leave the original content in tact on this site. I hope you find it useful.

Rip the Rack-  A section dedicated to bowling. Find out what it takes to bowl professionally. Learn how to prevent injuries. Learn about the bowling ball matrix.

Walk of Life - I値l tell you what I知 doing now with my life.

Family - This section has not be updated since 1998

Friends - This section has not be updated since 1998

Exit - You値l find freebies when you leave. Like an autographed 8x10 download. Send in your questions or comments here.